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Why should I choose STEELHOUSE


STEELHOUSE through its complete and innovative costruction system SCS can offer :


The choise of steel as the main loadbearing element is an excellent choise in areas of high seismisity like Greece. The steel framing system has the benefit of low weight thus ensuring the best seismic behaviour of the structure. Afterall in each STEELHOUSE house a special static and dynamic analysis is carried out according to Greek and European norms which ensures the high safety of the structure.


Acoustic and thermal comfort on the interior of an SCS house is ideal. The use of drywall insulative systems and the application of the E.I.F.S. provides with thermal and sound insulation factors which are much higher than those found in 'typical' houses. Indicativelly we can achieve sound insulation >57dB και thermal factors <0,25W/m2K.


Drywall methods have the advantage of no drying out times. In effect the erection time is minimized and together with the low weight of the load bearing elements and the prefabrication capabilities allow the completion of a 100sq.m. in a week (framing).


Architects like steel due to the freedom it provides in making large spaces. By default the use of gypsum boards give the architect the freedom to decorate the interior of the house with ease and in many ways. Also SCS provides perfectly straight walls and vertical surfaces with no outstanding elements.


SCS begins with a bearing system that consists of galvanized steel and ends with a proven exterior insulation system. All those prevent the weather conditions (e.g. water & humidity) from altering the properties and strength of the structural elements of the house and guarantee the durability and living comfort indside it.

    • LOW COST

All the advantages offered by the SCS can be enjoyed at even lower cost that 'classic' housing solutions. If we would like to give a percentage we could say that the house will cost about 15% - 20% lower.


SCS can be the only solution at situations where problems like floor additions in older structures (lightweight is required) or difficult to reach areas (prefabrication and minimal need of heavy machinery) exist.


STEELHOUSE offers the client a perfectly environmental friendly construction. An house made with SCS is indeed a green house because :

1. Steel which is the main building material is 100% recyclable.
2. E.I.F.S. materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable.
3. We comply with the advanced E.U. environmental and construction standards.
4. Energy efficiency due to the E.I.F.S. is optimal.