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'CONSTRUCTIONS 2009' exhibition in Athens

SteelHouse participated in the exhibition "Constructions 2009" which was held in Athens in Helexpo Palace in Kifisias avenue. SteelHouse presence there was a big success.

Inside our booth a 1:3 scale house of 130sq.m. was constructed which depicted all the details of SCS in a real structure.

Through this exhibition SteelHouse made the public announcement of its new offices in Athens.


Constructions Exhibition 2008 in Athens

STEELHOUSE's first official presence in Athens took place in May 2008 at the Constructions 2008 exhibition at the Helexpo exhibition space on Kifisias Avenue. The presence of STEELHOUSE in Athens was impressive since a two-storey sample of 75 sq.m. was built in the exhibition. in real scale where stakeholders had the opportunity to see the complete SCS.

During the exhibition STEELHOUSE organized a day for the presentation of LSK and light steel structures to the Greek public. A committee of the European Organization for Thin-walled Metal Structures (LSK) officially participated in the meeting.

The STEELHOUSE stand was one of the most impressive and complete of the exhibition. The complete construction of light steel was something that had not been presented again to a wide audience in Greece and certainly aroused the interest of all those who went through the exhibition.

STEELHOUSE had the opportunity to present in more detail its system and the LSK through a day which was organized within the framework of the exhibition. During this day, LSK and its programs, STEELHOUSE projects, the advantages of steel were presented.

LSK was officially invited by STEELHOUSE and attended both our booth and the conference where it presented its program.

The two-member committee of LSK that arrived in Athens consisted of the General Secretary of LSK Mr. Pierre Quaquin and the head of the technical department of LSK Mrs. Natividad Pastor. An official guest was Nader Elhajj from FrameCad Solutions, who represented one of the largest companies in integrated thin-walled steel building solutions.

We would like to express our thanks to LSK and FrameCad Solutions both for their support and for their presence at the conference which enabled the Greek public to get to know the building systems with lightweight galvanized steel.


1st European LSK Conference in Belgium

In June 2006 the 1st European conference of LSK took place in Liege, Belgium, in which STEELHOUSE took an active part , presenting its works from Greece and talking about the peculiarities of the design and analysis of light steel structures in a seismically strong area like our country.

STEELHOUSE had the honor to be present and in fact to actively participate in the 1st conference of LSK which was essentially the first public presentation of the European Light Steel Construction Organization (LSK) in Europe.

The conference was hosted at the Arcelor's research center on the campus of Liege. Important executives of Arcelor, the scientific world, engineers, architects and large companies active in the field of construction attended.

The conference program was very interesting and was extended both to theoretical (Eurocode analysis, simple method of solving with tables, etc.) and to practical level (presentation of projects, construction methods, visit to real construction, etc.) around light steel structures.

In the framework of this program, STEELHOUSE was given the opportunity to present its work in Greece and to show complete constructions with SCS as the only and first Greek company in this field. At the same time, the civil engineer & amp; Director of the Study and Analysis department of STEELHOUSE, Mr. Chrysanthakopoulos Kon / nos referred extensively to the phenomenon of seismic stress of steel structures made of light steel and the way of analysis and design of such structures in seminically active areas.

STEELHOUSE congratulated for its presentation and impressed with the application of SCS in modern high quality homes.


1st Training Seminar of Collaborators

In June 2005 the 1st STEELHOUSE Partner Seminar was organized at the company's premises. The collaborators had the opportunity to be informed about SCS both theoretically and practically.

The seminar lasted 3 days and was attended by all STEELHOUSE associates including its authorized crews SCS from Kefalonia and Agrinio.

On the first day there was a series of presentations which concerned the way of construction, its advantages, the way of construction and the theoretical background.

The theoretical part of the seminar was then applied in practice. The partners and their workshops built a small house in the company's exhibition space using SCS with complete success.

On the construction it was possible to have a complete information and training of the collaborators from the receipt of the metal sections, the construction plans, the way of assembly , connections to the application of insulation and drywall systems.

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