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The Company

SteelHouse S.A. is active in the field of modern construction and high tech materials in order to fulfill the special housing needs of its clients.

The beginning of the business activity of SteelHouse in the past was the application of complete systems of internal and external construction with the usage of modern materials for the coner of special construction demands in areas such as hotels, banks, multi-areas of entertainment.

The intense interest of the human potential of SteelHouse in the new ways of construction with the usage of pioneer materials as well as their experience from the deficiencies of the conventional way of construction in Greece  leaded to the search of solutions in other countries.

In the middle of 2003 SteelHouse is expanded in the area of housing constructions with the usage of light steel cold framed profiles and applies for the first time the SCS system (SteelHouse Construction System), offering complete solutions for modern houses.