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Frequently Asked Questions


Who much is a house worth per square meter?

Does it require a normal building permit and if so is that cheaper in anyway?

Is possible to have a basement and what kind of foundation is required?

Can I have my own architectural pans?

How many floors can I have?

Do you provide some kind of guarantee?

How long does it take to construct?

What is the earthquake magnitude it can withstand?

Is this house safer than other traditional housing solutions?

Since steel allows for micromovements of the structure doesn't this mean cracks in the finishing materials?

Knocking on the wall sounds different. Why?

What is the environmental effect of this structure?

Can we hung things on the walls?

Is there any limitations on the household equipement we can use?

Will this house look different than the rest in the neighborhood?

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Why should I choose STEELHOUSE


STEELHOUSE through its complete and innovative costruction system SCS can offer :


The choise of steel as the main loadbearing element is an excellent choise in areas of high seismisity like Greece. The steel framing system has the benefit of low weight thus ensuring the best seismic behaviour of the structure. Afterall in each STEELHOUSE house a special static and dynamic analysis is carried out according to Greek and European norms which ensures the high safety of the structure.

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