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1st Training Seminar of Collaborators

In June 2005 the 1st STEELHOUSE Partner Seminar was organized at the company's premises. The collaborators had the opportunity to be informed about SCS both theoretically and practically.

The seminar lasted 3 days and was attended by all STEELHOUSE associates including its authorized crews SCS from Kefalonia and Agrinio.

On the first day there was a series of presentations which concerned the way of construction, its advantages, the way of construction and the theoretical background.

The theoretical part of the seminar was then applied in practice. The partners and their workshops built a small house in the company's exhibition space using SCS with complete success.

On the construction it was possible to have a complete information and training of the collaborators from the receipt of the metal sections, the construction plans, the way of assembly , connections to the application of insulation and drywall systems.

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