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Drywall construction

Inside, the construction is completed with drywall construction systems. Onto the steel profiles are set gypsum boards which are puttied and painted in order to produce the final internal surface (walls - floors) of the construction.


The gypsum board has as main ingredient the gypsum.

The gypsum boards are level, rectangle structural elements of some millimeters thickness, that are constituted from gypsum invested with paper. The special cardboard constitutes the armor and ensures exceptional quality surface.

In all the SCS walls are used double gypsum boards of 12,5mm thickness each. In the ceiling is used single gypsum board of 12,5mm thickness. All the gypsum boards that are set in the SCS fulfill the specifications ΕΝ 520, ELOT 784, ISO 6308, DIN 18180.


  • It breathes maintaining constant humidity in the space.
  • It is not flammable material for high requirements of fire safety.
  • It combines with lots of insulation and filling materials.
  • It offers architectural freedom to form the interior areas with a great finishing.
  • It is safe since does not contain toxic substances or fibres and it has the same acidity with the skin of person.
  • It has no smell, electric negative (bad driver of electric current) and friendly to the environment at the treatment and his application.

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Advanced Building Applications

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