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OSB - Oriented Strand Board

OSB is a structural panel of wood produced industrually that is becoming very popular in different applications. It is a material produced out of long threads of wood that are glued together using a synthetic retine and special waxes. Each leaf is consisted of three layers of wood which are then connected with special water-resistant glues under high pressure and temprature.



The OSB used in SCS is always of class 3 (OSB/3) with thicknesses ranging between 12 and 22mm. OSB/3 is applied along the whole structure thus covering the metal skeleton on the outside walls, floors and roofs.

The special characteristics and properites of OSB boards that each factory produces comply with the E.U. standards. OSB used in our SCS always complies with the following E.U. standards : EN13986, EN1058, EN789, EN300 which are also acceptable by the Greek Standarization Commitee (ELOT).



  • Durability in humid conditions and stable mechanical and geometrical properties.
  • Excellent insulative behaviour.
  • Lateral support and stiffness to the steel skeleton.
  • Flat surface and a good base for the fast application of exterior insulation systems.
  • Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.