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Insulation Plates


Expanded polystyrene or briefly EPS, is a light, rigid, plastic and foam material. It consists of thousands of beads of expanded polystyrene which have a diameter of 2-10mm and each bead consists of 98% air and of 2% polystyrene. It is waterproof and humidity proof and because of the trapped air, it has great thermal insulation properties.

The characteristics of EPS depend on its strength and quality. The classification is carried out based on a new law of 2006 according to the compressive strength. In the SCS system is used at least expanded polystyrene EPS100 according to the specification ΕΝ 13163: 2001 and is denoted by CE.

Advantages of the material :

  1. Great thermal insulating material because of the trapped air (98% v/v).
  2. Proved sound insulating.
  3. Resistant for a lifetime and does not decompose.
  4. Humidity resistant since it has a very low vapor diffusion coefficient.
  5. Easy to produce, to transport and to fit with a great cost to return ratio compared to other insulting materials.
  6. Safe - Non-toxic and fully inert. Does not contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or hydrofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Futhermore, there is no risk of mycoses or microorganisms.
  7. Environmentally friendly snd fully recyclable.


Rockwool belongs in the category of fiber insulating materials. The fibers which are thinner than 4 or 5μm, are made of natural ores such as basalt, limestone, dolomite and bauxite.

The rockwool which is used in the SCS is denoted by the certification CE according to ΕΝ13162 and fully complies with the European direction 89/106/EEC which certifies its appropriateness to be used in constructions. In the SCS construction system is used rockwool of an average density of 50kg/m3.

Advantages of the material :

  1. Chemically inert - Does not decay through time and maintains all its properties and its dimensional stability.
  2. Is not infected by fungi, microorganisms and parasites. Is not affected by resolvents but also does not affect the metals.
  3. Great thermal insulating material
  4. Great sound insulating material.
  5. Fire proof - In fact inflammable material since its fibers resist temperatures over 1000οC maintaining its insulating properties and its dimansional stability.
  6. Watreproofed and the possible humidity in the product from e.g. the rain which will be concentrated between the fibers, evaporates immediately because of the gaps in its structure.
  7. Natural product from mineral volcanic rocks and recyclable.

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