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Galvanized Steel Framing

The skeleton of the structure which forms and its bearing organism consists of steel galvanized elements of cross-sections of C and U shape and of dimensions between 100 and 250mm and with thicknesses from 1.0 to 2.0mm (profile).

The profiles are set on a grid of 40-60mm (depending on the static study) forming the bearing elements of the structure such as the walls, the floors and the roofs. The connections between the profiles are realized through self-tapping screws and for the connection with the foundation plate are used special relief anchors.


The steel that is used in the SCS is of cold formed with hot-dip galvanizing and high strengths (yield strength ≥350MPa). As a material is under the specifications of ECC according to the standard EN10147 and the standard EN10149. The hot-dip zinc galvanizing of 275g/m2 is a great protection against the erosion even after the forming - cutting of the metal.


  • It has the highest strength to weight ratio and so the construction has a small weight comparing to other constructional solutions, with all the positives it involves.
  • Is an industrial product of certain certifications and high specifications.
  • Because of the galvanizing, it does not rust and decay through time, maintaining constant its properties and its strengths.
  • Its environmentally friendly and recyclable over 90%.

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Advanced Building Applications

first company for the construction of houses made entirely of galvanized light steel in Greece


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