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EIFS - External Insulation Finishing System

The EIFS is a complete finishing construction system which offers thermal and humidity insulation to the whole construction.

The EIFS is attached to the outside face of exterior walls onto the OSB and completes the construction externally. The final surface which is visible is the plaster. The basic materials of a common external insulation and finishing system of SCS are (from the inside to the final plaster):

  • Thermal insulation plates of expanded polystyrene and rockwool
  • Adhesive waterproof plaster and plastic bolts
  • Anti-alkaline glass net
  • Ready plasters (acrylic - silicone)
After the European Direction 2002/91/EC about the energy performance of the buildings, all the buildings would have energy identity and since 3 January 2006 it is a law of the greek state and the demands of thermal insulation are very strict. The setting of EIFS is necessary since it benefits both the client and the environment.


  • The reassurance of qualitatively better conditions of thermal convenience inside buildings with the lowest possible energy consumption.
  • High sound absorption coefficients and acoustic convenience inside the construction.
  • The elimination of thermal bridges, as the whole external surface of the cell of the building is fully covered with thermal insulation, reducing in that way the chance of vapor forming on the surfaces of the building.
  • Full waterproofing of the structure from external humidities and the rain, although at the same time it let the construction breathe. So there are not mould problems.
  • The ready plasters of high quality and elasticity discourage cracks and their only necessary maintanance is the painting after a lot of years.
  • Optimum protection of the steel bearing skeleton from the environmental conditions.

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