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Additional Works

The works that are needed in order to complete the construction after the appliance of the scs are called additional works. These works include the followings :

  1. Windows and Doors
  2. Flooring
  3. Painting
  4. Cabinets and Sanitary Ware.
  5. Electrical Services
  6. Plumbing

For these works and in general for any others that will de needed after the SCS in order to complete the construction, STEELHOUSE proposes based on the architectural designs and the demands of the client.

The prososal of STEELHOUSE for the additional works is not binding and the client may decide to complete the works by his own and outside the company, but always under the specifications that the company gives.

All the mechanical services are placed without any disturbance of the frame and the insulation of the construction, since there are ready made holes on the steel profiles for the installation of all the nets.

The construction system SCS does not put any barrier of choice that has to do with flooring, windows and doors, carpentry, etc.

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Advanced Building Applications

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